Kale Beats Out Oranges

Looking for a source for vitamin C to help you get through the cold season. Kale can help you.
kale 3
Rich in vitamin A and an excellent source of vitamin K kale also provides more vitamin than an orange.
kale 2100 grams of fresh kale provides 200% of recommended vitamin C.
kale 1Tender, young kale is available now at the Lock Farm and at the Lock Farm’s Thursday Market, Oct. 8.
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Kohlrabi Is Kool

Available this week at the Lock Farm in Shippensburg and at the   Thursday Market in Woodsboro
Kohlrabi --It looks like an above ground turnip
Kohlrabi –It looks like an above ground turnip


Raw or cooked this vegetable is great.
It is excellent source of vitamin C and potassium and contains cancer-preventing bioflavonoids.

Fall Harvest CSA

Six weeks of fall produce for you and your family. photoThis CSA includes such things a kohlrabi, kale, spinach, apples, fresh brown eggs and fall squashes.
Through its CSA program the Lock Farm provides food for a healthy lifestyle.
Click here form more information about the Fall Harvest CSA



The Possibilities Are Unlimited
Use them in soups and salads, on sandwiches, stuffed, scalloped,         baked, pickled or boiled.
Candy onions are available at the Lock Farm’s Thursday Market.
Thursday Market, Aug. 20