Eat Fresh, Buy Local


The LOCK FARM is a small produce farm located in Shippensburg PA.
Our goal is to provide you with quality products
that are fresh, tasty and healthy.

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For more information contact

Farmer John

email –

phone – 301-639-6988


The Benefits of Container Gardening

All these vegetables were grown in containers on the Lock Farm.
All these vegetables were grown in containers on the Lock Farm.
Come by and see this special garden set up on the Lock Farm. It may inspire you to try a container garden of your own.
Too busy to grow you own crops but enjoy the taste of vegetables fresh from the field? Get the best in Shippensburg at the Lock Farm.
Open every day (but Thursday) from 10am to 7pm. For more information contact Farmer John at or 301-639-3297.


Summer and Zucchini Go Together

The Lock Farm now has zucchini and yellow squash available.
Yellow Squash and Zucchini
Yellow Squash and Zucchini
Zucchini and Yellow Squash Recipe

Just What Is It?

kohl4 kohlrabiNo matter how you look at it a kohlrabi is a kohlrabi.

So what is a kohlrabi? This plant is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip… kohl(cabbage) rabi(turnip). They are excellent raw  or boiled or steamed. They contain vitamin C,  potassium and cancer-fighting bioflavonoids.


Kohlrabi will be available this week at the Lock Farm Thursday Market.
They will also be part of the Fields To Meals share this week.

Yum!!! Look What Farmer John Is Picking Today

john pickingThe sunshine and warm weather worked wonders in the strawberry patch and Farmer John is proud of the Lock Farm strawberries.
Berries by the Quart
Berries by the Quart
There are many ways to enjoy fresh strawberries.
What’s yours?
Strawberries are available now at the Lock Farm in Shippensburg and in Frederick at the Lock Farm’s Thursday Market.

Fields To Meals Begins Today

Mary packs fresh vegetables and eggs for the Spring Sensations Fields To Meals program. Bags will be picked up at several locations in the Frederick area by participating members.


Fields To Meals
Spring Sensations Begins Today!








Did you miss this opportunity to obtain fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce? The Lock Farm offers a Summer Delights as part their Fields to Meals . For more information contact Farmer John at 301-639-6988 or

Wahoo! Lock Farm Has Its First Tomato

It was discovered in the high tunnel this morning while we were stringing the tomato plants.
A Little Green with a Lot of Potential
A Little Green with a Lot of Potential

Lock Farm Gets Ready





peppersfor farm sales in Shippensburg and
for our Fields to Meals and Thursday Market in Frederick.


How many of these vegetables can you name? (There is one herb in the group).

Buying Fresh, Locally Grown Produce

lettuce and radishes
Lettuce and Radishes
The Lock Farm makes eating well available to neighborhoods in Frederick County through its Thursday Market. This is a convenient way for residents to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits weekly. It’s easy. It’s tasty. It’s healthy.
Click here for details.
For more information contact Farmer John at or 301-639-6988.

Lettuce Alone

llet 2 lettuceThese and much more are now available at the Lock Farm.                          Also available at the Lock Farm’s Thursday Market.