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R P and B

Here are some of the highlights of what is going on at the LOCK FARM.

Rosie makes herself comfortable in the rhubarb patch while Mary harvests.

The potato plants are above ground
And the green beans are in bloom.

It is not too late to sign up for the LOCK FARM’s Fields to Meals.

The Promise of Good Things to Come

The strawberry patch at the Lock Farm has been uncovered from its winter protection. The plants and blossoms look great and are the beginnings of a delicious berry crop.

These strawberries will be part of the Lock Farm’s FIELDS TO MEALS program. They may also be available in the farm’s THURSDAY MARKET and ON THE FARM.

For more information: Farmer John – 301-639-6988 or email : lockfarm@lockfarm. net

Vegetables Can Be Fun?

A Note From the Lock Farm Board of Directors

Vegetables Can Be Fun?

Remember that encouraging comment your parents used on you at the dinner table. “Eat your vegetables. They’re good for you.” The Lock Farm Fields To Meals makes those vegetables a fun experience.

Why do people take the risk of paying for fresh produce months before they receive it? Why does Farmer John offer such opportunities to individuals and families? What are the advantages of such a method of buying and selling produce?

For some it is the satisfaction they receive from knowing that they are keeping farms in the area in production instead of converting them to housing developments. For others it is the connection they feel with a local farmer and his/her family. 

The above reasons are noble and fine but the most important reason for participating in the Lock Farm FTM is because the food tastes good. With the tasty fruits and vegetables come the health benefits of eating those greens that parents encouraged us to eat. Since in the FTM program produce and fruits are available weekly, usually on the same day that they are harvested, the quality and nutritional benefits of the foods are superior. 

When was the last time you had fun purchasing vegetables? Many of our FTM customers express the excitement they experience each week discovering the “goodies” that have been packed for them: “It’s like Christmas every week!” 

When our FTM participants receive a bag of produce it may include items not regularly purchased at the grocery store. This encourages them to use or try something new. It is almost like hearing your parents say, “Try it. You’ll like it.”

Locally grown foods with no travel damage, no weeks of storage and no antibiotics! Can it get any better than that? Oh yes, the reasonable cost of these fruits and vegetables is another plus to join the Lock Farm FTM.

For information about the Lock Farm FTM check us out on the web at

A Sign for the Times

As many are looking for a source for fresh, seasonal vegetables the LOCK FARM makes it easier to find such items. A new sign was erected on the farm. It stands right in front of one of the active fields. It was designed and put in place by Cary Murray of Walnut Bottom Signs.

We like it and hope our customers do too.

We also hope that many passersby will think of the benefits of eating seasonally grown produce and stop by.

Why not make a commitment to the exciting adventure of seasonal eating by joining the Lock Farm’s CSA. Our CSA is called FIELDS TO MEALS (FTM). If you and your family are interested in eating better and feeling better check it out: Fields to Meals.

Our summer FTM, Summer Delights, begins June 18th. Join and let us serve you with good eating and good health.