Fields To Meals Q and A

What is the Fields To Meals?
Fields To Meals brings locally grown, seasonal 
produce to the members of the community.
People like you invest in the harvest of 
of the farm and in exchange for this investment 
receive seasonal vegetables and fruits that are fresh and grown locally.
People who participate in this service commit to the 
length of the entire season.
What are some good reasons to buy into Fields To Meals?
Fields To Meals provides you with
locally grown food that tastes and looks
great because it is picked at peak and
available close to home. The shorter the time between our Fields to
your Meals the fresher it is.
The Fields To Meals enables you to buy your
food locally. In doing this you are
engaging in a time-honored connection
between eater and grower. And you are
supporting an agricultural business.

lettuce and radishes

What do I get as a recipient of the Fields To Meals?
As a participant you will receive a bag/box of
produce each week. There will be a variety of items
depending on what vegetables and/or fruits are in season.
What is expected of a Fields To Meals participant?
As a participant you are expected to
make payments in a timely manner as well as
commit to the entire season.                                                                                                                                             Of course, you are expected to pick up your share each
week… and enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce!!!