Where Eating Fresh Begins

Corn and tomatoes

Bar Code Food
It is amazing the number of fruits and vegetables that are available to us in grocery
stores. There are very few countries in the world where such a variety is available. Yet
as much as is available to us we still find ourselves yearning for more than ʻbar codeʼ
foods. We look forward to those fresh-off-the-vine summer tomatoes, picked-this-morning
sweet corn and right-out-of-the ground potatoes and onions.
There are many local farms that provide these goodies…the unbar code foods that not
only bring with them lots of vitamins, flavors and colors but also good health. This is
food that has no travel damage, and no antibiotics. These fruits and vegetables have
had little if any storage time. Sometimes we refer to these foods as foods with integrity.
It may seem that these foods cost more than what can be found in the grocery store but
in the long run the benefits to good health are worth it.
One way to do better than bar code food is to join the Lock Farmʼs Fields to Meals. With
the Fields to Meals you not only get the assurance of knowing that you are providing
your family and yourself with fresh, wholesome food but you get the satisfaction of
knowing that you are helping to keep an area produce farm in production.
In the Lock Farmʼs Fields to Meals you pick up vegetables and fruits weekly, usually
on the same day that they are harvested, therefore the quality and nutritional benefits of
the foods are superior.
For information about the Lock Farmʼs Fields To Meals check it out on the Lock Farm
click here: FIELDS TO MEALS
Bar Code Food
For more information contact Farmer John at farmerjohn@lockfarm.net or 301-639-6988.